Hello people !

I’m just an ordinary girl with an extraordianary dreams.

A person who is not good at expressing something verbally. And am I struggle all the time to express my thoughts well so that everyone will understand. So here the personal space of a girl who loves to share ideas and give shape to her thoughts about ;

Recipes  I'm not a chef, and neither am I a professional recipe developer. I just love cooking and experimenting with food, so if you dislike any of the recipes on this blog. I don't mind at all.

Beauty  I use this blog to share my own experiences and reviews which am I sharing for general informational purposes only. I'm not an aesthetician.

Technology ↬ All contents are provided for the information purposes only. I use it as a personal reference related to IT technology, knowledge and learning for all the time.

Information/Lifestyle  The information shared on this blog is intended solely to provide general guidance on matters of interest to the reader's personal use, if the shared information is wrong, I am entitled to delete or modify the article.


When I first started [blogging] since 2012 with a slow start-ups and come up with a comeback in 2016.

and I own my domain ; www.irazulkeffele.com since 08 Feb 2018 (does it sound like I have serious comebacks?)

Continuous support towards my blog is very much appreciated and I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do ❤