31 December 2016

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Beautiful Saturday everyone. Today, is the last page of 366 and the countdown has begun to start the first blank page of 365. And as a muslim religion yeah I know it isn't the right time to welcome the new year. Chill babe ! Nawaitu dalam hati tu lagi penting k.

The year 2016 has been an emotional roller coaster. Ups and downs. But hey I love everything happened in this year. Eventho sometime i'm feeling pretty depressed. Let are walking well to approach the some good things happened in TWO ZERO ONE SIX.

I've just finished my internship and also a complete diploma certificate on April. The 3 year of hell and crazy me. Crazy tak crazy aku dah berjaya harungi tanpa repeat or extend any paper. Fuhh alhamdulillah. Beruntungnya lagi,we're got a date for a convocation ceremonies and happy graduate on September. Unforgettable date. 3 SEPT 2016. Everything happen very smooth. Thanks to Allah.

After being unemployed for a month I try my luck. I'm going to walk-in interview session a private company on May. For the first experience and a lot of expectation in my mind at the time. Dengan langkah Bismillah aku cuba je nasib dapat tak dapat awal lagi dah pasrah. When I step into the room and sitting He keep ask me at all. Pong pang pong pang last question he ask again "when can you start ?". I'm feel so blessed that day because I got the position. Sebagai permulaan aku anggap ini satu permulaan yang baik lah. Untuk setahun pengalaman dan pengetahuan yang lebih dalam bidang IT. Software and hardware. Inshaa Allah.

One again of achievement by me. I have started to make loan repayment (PTPTN) since July and managed to settled almost 60% in this year. Thanks to the saving and deposite of salary every month. Kesian muda-muda dah berhutang. HAHAHA. Harap sangat tahun depan dapat selesaikan semua hutang sifar bersih. Wish me luck! Part of wishlist kot nak selesai hutang awal sebelum kahwin. Ehh !

Yeahh i'm already a young adult on March. 21 years old. And proud of me because I can giving out my money to ibu or treat my family for sometime. I'm not being burden anymore, right. Maybe. Then other good news on this month, I had received two calls current examination for vacancies in state government. But until now no one is calling me back for an interview. Hey please anyone to help me chill hahaha.

This year has definitely gave me a lot of great things that i'm struggle to be a positive person. Also I meet a lot of people and stay around the positive vibes. Thank to Allah again. Who keep give me an advise and talk for sure would be helpful in my future. Big thanks to you. 

Hmmmm. Not really sure. I was not always heartless but sincever someone broke my heart I started using my heart less. After many year I do not have a boyfriend and forgot how it feels to fall in love. Eceyyy ! Tulahh siapa suruh bercinta dengan monyet dulu. Tapi sedang mencuba membuka hati dengan seseorang dan berharap dia bukan lagi monyet sialan. Kalau berjaya lah. I just didn't expect to get my heart back in pieces. For now maybe I started with improving the relationship with myself and my creator and people around. Doa yang baik-baik saja.

2016. Yes some of it high and some it low but it all life lesson. So, my goals for 2017. Hope much much much better than 2016. Stop thinking about what going to do and start doing it. More short trip to refresh my mind. Become more outgoing. Take risks. Focus on myself, health, peace and happiness.

Hey there, smile and show your teeth to everyone. 

Bye !


  1. im showing my teeth for everyone hehe. goodluck untuk 2017 ye akak :) semoga jumpa someone yang baik baik dan itu jodoh akak :p

  2. @ayu farahana haha goodgirl :3 inshaaAllah aamiin hee. thank you so much sweetie :*

  3. Hi Ira, semoga 2017 menjadi tahun lebih baik buat awak ye :)
    Happy New Year :)

  4. yeah TWO ZERO ONE SEVEN tahun untuk jadi yang tebaik dari segala sisi, Insyallah..moga azam2 kita semua tecapai

  5. i just found your blog and i dont why reading this actually made me happy. wishing all good things for you dear.

  6. good luck and wishing you the best of luck in 2017 and after

  7. Semoga tahun ini lebih baik dr sebelumnya 😍